Cruiz'n Pawz offers daily or occasional home visits, on-leash walks or off-leash adventures for clients living in the southwest end of Calgary. Our goal is to promote healthy active lifestyles and positive social interaction for your canine companions.                                                               

All dogs require regular exercise and stimulation to remain healthy.  Active dogs are less likely to suffer from behavior problems such as aggression, hyperactivity, nervousness, obsessive behavior and destructive chewing. 

We like to schedule a free consultation prior to accepting new clients. This meeting gives you the opportunity to interview us and discuss the best type of care schedule for your pet. We encourage any questions asked to ensure that your pet will be cared for in the best possible way.                  

Our daily adventures take place in the park, near the river or in wooded areas - places your dog is sure to enjoy. Off-leash walks are done in small groups to ensure that your dog will experience a friendly, calm level of energy around other dogs.The breed, age, energy level and temperament of your dog are all factors that help us place your dog in the right social group. Your pets will travel in an air conditioned/heated vehicle where they will remain supervised (not in the back of a truck).          

With pick ups and drop offs, your dog will generally be away from home for up to 2 or 3 hours with a minimum of  1 hour walking time. We will towel dry your dog on return, wipe down muddy paws and ensure that they have fresh water to drink. After each visit you will receive a record of where your dog has been, what time of day they went out and any other relevant details.                                                                      

Your dog will be delivered back home happier, more relaxed and better behaved ......                        Your peace of mind and their piece of heaven.                                                                

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